Structure of Math 10C and Math 20-1 Tabs

The Math 10C and Math 20-1 tabs have the entire course ready to download.

Understanding the Prefixes:

  • Using Math 20-1 as an example, one file is titled “L04 – FQ – 6.1 Rational Expressions 2“. This means that it is part of “Lesson 04”, and is a “Formative Quiz”. It assesses the content from Chapter 6.1, which was Rational Expressions.
  • The following prefixes are used:
    • Lxx – Which lesson the file is part of.
    • FQ – Formative Quiz
    • SQ – Summative Quiz
    • Handout – The actual paper that is placed in front of the student.
    • Worksheet – A formative worksheet that is given to the students as practice.
    • Missing from the tabs are “Lesson” prefixes, which are Smart Notebook files that have the “Handout” copied onto a blank page. WordPress will not let me upload these.

Using and Sharing Resources:

  • When teaching “Lesson 04”, all files that start with “L04” are part of this lesson.
    • L04 – FQ – 6.1 Rational Expressions 2
    • L04 – Handout – 6.2 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
    • L04 – Worksheet – 6.2 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
  • Files are created in Microsoft Word, and will not format properly in Google Docs.
  • The textbooks used are:
    • Math 10C: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Mathematics 10
    • Math 20-1: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Pre-Calculus 11
  • Use these resources however you wish. Feel free to copy and use them verbatim, reference them occasionally, borrow assessment questions, disregard entirely, etc.
  • Feel free to share these resources (either by sharing the website link, or sharing the downloaded files directly).

Additional Resources:

  • Smart Notebook files with the “Lesson” prefix are missing from the lesson tabs.
  • Summative assessments with the “SQ” or “Unit Test” prefixes are missing from the lesson tabs.
    • If you use any summative assessments that I email you, please do not release them to students. We keep the summative assessments secure at our school, and I really don’t want to have to rebuild everything.
  • If you wish to have any of these resources, please email me at mbayer@clearview.ab.ca from a school/teacher email account, and I will email them to you.

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